Watch Related Videos

For some reason I love watching documentary videos on YouTube. Below you will find a few tips on watch-related ones that I found to be worthy of a recommendation. I will try and keep this list updated from time to time.

  • History of Art in Three Colours: Gold

BBC documentary on the influence of gold in art & life.

  • Guilty Pleasures – Luxury in the Middle Ages

BBC documentary on the evolution of the concept of ‘luxury’.

  •  Mechanical Marvels – Clockwork Dreams

BBC documentary on automatons.

  • Lost at Sea – the Search for Longitude

PBS Nova documentary on the search for accuracy in ships clocks, including the work of Harisson.

  • Begin Japanology – Watches & Clocks

Documentary on the history of Japanese clock and watchmaking from its earliest days to the introduction of quartz and finally the resurrection of mechanical watches.

  • The 2000 Year-Old Computer – Decoding the Antikythera Mechanism

BBC documentary on the Antikythera mechanism.

  • Precision – the Measure of Things – Time and Distance

BBC documentary on the history of measuring both time and distances.

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